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Many genebanks globally contain untapped resources of distinct alleles which will remain hidden unless efforts are initiated to screen these alleles of its potential use and function. The deployment of useful diversity using core collections has been an area of much interest for researchers especially those working in the field of allele mining. The prerequisite of any core collection established is that it captures the complete diversity of the entire collection it was derived from. A core set should not be considered a substitute of the entire collection.

The recent advancements in technological tools related to genomics and bioinformatics have made it possible to discover new alleles for any gene of interest. These new techniques also create a further challenge of linking traditional phenotypic information to a larger quantity of sequential and genetic information and to complement activities carried out for germplasm enhancement. Allele mining provides the avenue for the validation of specific gene (s) responsible for a particular trait and mining of the most favorable alleles.

The advent of PowerCore that implements the advance M-strategy using a modified heuristic algorithm (A*) is hoped to provide users the added ability to develop core or allele mining sets representing all alleles or classes of their observations whilst ensuring the least allelic redundancy and highly reproducible list of entries..

PowerCore software uses the .NET Framework Version 1.1 environment and is freely available for the MS Windows platform.
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Directly attached from Excel worksheet

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Automatically classified diversity distribution of accessions

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Selecting core set by heuristic search based on modified A* algorithm

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Displaying results

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Software에 대한 name,descriptions,release date 안내
Name Descriptions Release Date
PowerCore_Software_V1.zip PowerCore software version 1.0 for
PowerCore_Software_V2.zip PowerCore software version 2.0 for
Windows 10


Manual에 대한 name,descriptions,release date 안내
Name Descriptions Release Date
PowerCore_User_Manual.pdf PowerCore user manual 2/22/2007
Bioinformatics Publication 6/22/2007

Supplementary data

  • i. SSR and phenotypic data sets for 1000 accessions of rice
Supplementary data에 대한 name,descriptions,release date 안내
Name Descriptions Release
Phenotypic_Dataset_for_PowerCore.xls PowerCore readable phenotype excel data of rice accessions 2/22/2007
SSR_Dataset_for_PowerCore.xls PowerCore readable SSR excel data of rice accessions 2/22/2007
Results_for_Phenotypic_Dataset.xls PowerCore-phenotypic output data 2/22/2007
Results_for_SSR_Dataset.xls PowerCore-SSR output data 2/22/2007
  • Virtual 1000 accessions
Supplementary data에 대한 name,descriptions,release date 안내
Name Descriptions Release
Virtual_1000.xls Original 1000 virtual accessions 2/22/2007
Virtual_1000_for_PowerCore.xls Converted format acceptable by PowerCore 2/22/2007
Virtual_1000_for_MSTRAT.zip Converted format acceptable by MSTRAT 2/22/2007
Results_for_Virtual_1000.xls Results of 1000 virtual data by PowerCore and MSTRAT 2/22/2007