The list of Plant Diseases in Korea


Search the List of Plant Diseases in Korea

※ You can search plant diseases by host (plant) name, disease name, or pathogen name. If you input two keywords together, “AND” results will be retrieved.
※ All search results are partial match. It is thus advised to input details to obtain more specific search results.
※ You can search by synonyms of plant and microbial scientific names, but some data may not be available. Hence, it is advised to search by current names of the plant and microorganism.

1. Search by host (plant) name

〇You can search host name in Korean, English, or by scientific name.
〇Scientific name can be searched by family name, genus name, and species name, and each search will generate the “AND” results.
〇Family name of the scientific name can be searched in Korean and English, but genus name and species name can be searched only in English.
〇For infraspecific name, you can select the infraspecific name in the table presented as part of the search results of the species name.
(E.g.) To search ‘potato’, select either Korean or English, then type “감자” or “Potato”. Otherwise, select scientific name, then type “Solanum” in the genus name field and “tuberosum“ in the species name field. You can also type ”So“ in the genus name field and ”tu“ in the species name field. Further, you can type ”가지과“ or ”Solanaceae“ in the family name field and select the plant in the table shown after the search.

2. Search by disease name

〇You can search plant diseases in Korean, English, or Chinese character. Chinese character can be searched using the Korean sound of the Chinese character.
(E.g.) You can search Bacterial wilt by typing ‘풋마름병’, ‘Bacterial wilt’ or ‘청고병/ralstonia solanacearum’.

3. Search by pathogen name

〇 You can select “All” or choose one among the options: fungus, bacteria, phytoplasma, virus (viroid), and nematodes. When searching phytoplasma or virus (viroid), it is recommended to select each of them seperately. If it is necessary to select both, please search in the species names field.
〇If you select “Virus (Viroid)”, you can search “Virus (Viroid)” by full name or by its abbreviation.
(E.g.) When searching ‘Alternaria solani’, you can type “Alternaria” in the genus name field and “solani” in the species names field or “Alt” in the genus name field and “so” in the species names field, or you can type the genus name or species name only. However, when you search one type of genus name or species names, you should select “Alternaria solani” in the table shown after the search.
To search Tobacco Mosaic virus (TMV), you can type “Tobacco Mosaic virus” or its abbreviation “TMV” in the scientific name field.
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